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2021.12.22 Work Prosess→「スキャナーについて」を更新しました。。→Work Prosesss
2021.11.18 トライセラアートで作品販売を始めました。→News
2021.10.14 BBUZZchannelにて、プロモーション動画が公開されました。→News
2021.09.21 Casieさんにて、作品のレンタルを承っています。→News

About Tomomi Sato


[BBUZZ] Kill Time and Space Out with Art and Music | Based On Tomomi Sato’s Painting

You not only see the art but hear it and you not only hear the music but see it. This content is based on paintings by Tomomi Sato, an emerging artist from Japan.


Digital expression opens up the possibilities of art.

I am active as an artist in Japan and abroad with the theme of “the source of the power to live”.