私たちの心が他者や社会の影響を受けて揺れたり共感したりする瞬間(優しさ、安らぎ、驚きなど、ポジティブな感情)を、色鉛筆やアクリル絵の具、Adobe Photoshopを使い、様々な素材をコラージュし表現しています。

Just by breathing normally, people burn their lives with desire and go towards death. Tomomi Sato believes that rather than facing reality and hating or fearing it, dreaming as much as possible and wishing to be positive and happy with ourself and the It will be the driving force for living and creating.
Tomomi Sato uses colored pencils, acrylic paints, Adobe Photoshop, Using collages of various materials to capture and express the moments (positive feeling such as kindness, peace, and surprise) when our hearts are shaken or sympathized with other or society.